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Teresa Tapp is an exercise physiologist/rehabilitative trainer, creator of the popular T-Tapp programs, and a best-selling author whose specialty is real fitness from the inside out. Teresa’s approach is not about weighing yourself and counting calories or working out 7 days a week for 3-4 hours a day. Her T-Tapp approach is about good health, and visible RESULTS!

“Treat your body as a machine!” is Teresa’s mantra. Teresa knows how a woman’s body works — especially women over the age of 30. For the past three decades, she has been chronicling her personal experience and collecting data from hundreds of female clients, developing exciting new insights on women’s health and fitness.

Teresa has explored important connections between nutritional needs and a woman’s biochemistry, specifically blood type, genetics, body type and chronological age. In the past, this dynamic personal and rehabilitative trainer worked exclusively with professional models in the glamorous fashion industry. Now she is passionate about sharing her valuable expertise with women of all ages. Teresa is living proof that over 50, your body can be a lean, well-tuned, balanced machine, without spending hours at the gym. Many of Teresa’s clients, at age 50+, have better “machines” than they did in the 30s.

Teresa has always had an ardent interest in health and fitness, specializing in Exercise Physiology, Public Health and Nutrition during college, and ultimately writing her research thesis on “Metabolisms in Women Over the Age of 30”. Her original plan was to pursue a medical degree; however, tuition money was tight and the fashion industry came calling. Having done catalog modeling herself, Teresa already had a good feel for what the photographers were seeking. She also had the uncanny ability to look at a 14 year old girl and predict where she was going to gain weight and what she would look like six years in the future. This aptitude, combined with her physiology background, enabled Teresa to take gawky, immature teens and turn them into moneymaking models. Plunging into the fashion world as a “scout” for the prestigious Ford Agency in New York, Teresa’s first discovery was a Strawberry Festival Queen from Plant City, Florida. Finding fresh talent was just the first hurdle, however. The real secret of Teresa’s success was her use of innovative methods to prepare the models – psychologically, nutritionally and physically – methods that work for women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond as well.

tapp=bookWhat is the T-Tapp program? It’s a physical therapy approach to fitness that delivers muscle density rather than bulk. The comprehensive, compound muscle movements done in specific sequence involve isometric isolations with linear alignment and neuro-kinetic flow. It works muscles layer by layer from the inside out and develops muscle density instead of muscle mass. It is very rehabilitative for those with lower back, hip and knee problems as well as upper spine, neck and shoulder problems. The movements appear very simple but they are quite complex in that each exercise movement utilizes both attachments of the muscle rather than just one attachment and belly of the muscle. T-Tapp is a high aerobic workout, but doesn’t involve any jumping or use of weights. In fact, the stronger you get, the less you need to do the workout to maintain results.

resultsBecause of this approach, rapid reshaping can take place. No jumping, no weights and no dieting. Inch loss comes quickly at an average of one clothing size per month with no loose skin. Best of all, it works regardless of age or fitness level. T-Tapp is designed to put the body in proper functional alignment, restore metabolic function, and stands on its own as a complete workout as well as enhancing the effectiveness of ALL of your workouts. Basically, your entire system gets “tuned up” like a finely adjusted machine.

tapp-totalUsually the stronger one becomes, they must add more weight and/or repetitions to advance to higher level of fitness or weight loss. Well, with T-Tapp one never has to add weight or do more than one set of 8 repetitions – it will continue to challenge the body even as the body advances in fitness level and strength.

T-Tapp also puts emphasis on lymphatic stimulation throughout the workout. This not only helps the body maximize metabolic processing, but it also helps improve immune system function. That’s why those who have autoimmune diseases, or cancer, find that it helps their immune function. People with diabetes find that it can help better control blood sugar. And women with PMS, peri-menopause, and menopause report that it helps their hormonal imbalances.

With T-Tapp, you’ll discover fitness from the inside out!


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