Welcome 60-Day Challenge Members: Register for the Me Time Wellness Weekend

As members of Renee and Jen’s T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge Facebook group, you — more than most — know how important it is to get your hormones balanced, eat well, move your body, and manage stress in order to reach your optimal level of wellness and fitness.

The Me Time Wellness Weekend is a perfect fit for you! This life-changing weekend includes the following:

  • Three days of information-packed, inspiration-filled, and life-changing educational, workout, and workshop sessions and presentations, from Thursday afternoon March 3 through the Sunday morning workout on March 6th
  • Teresa_Tapp-1A variety of your favorite T-Tapp workouts – led by Teresa Tapp herself — where you will tighten and tone, lose inches, and feel energized, more flexible, and relaxed, even in just a weekend!
  • Presentations from Mary Shomon — an T-Tapp fan and loyal advocate for T-Tapp — focusing on getting thyroid, adrenals and sex hormones back in balance — all critical for wellness, energy, and fitness. Mary is a bestselling author with 12 books on thyroid and hormonal health, and has been a leading patient advocate for two decades.
  • One of the nation’s leading naturopathic physicians, Dr. Kevin Passero, will be speaking about how to create integrative wellness using supplements, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and other integrative approaches.
  • Special sessions on how to eat healthily, but easily and deliciously (and no kale required!!) with integrative nutritionist Lisa Moretti
  • Breathwork and guided meditation sessions that help your mind, body and spirit stay in balance, and leave you energized and relaxed — and are great ways to fit in mindfulness and stress reduction into a busy mom’s schedule
  • Learn how to resolve — and in the short-term, disguise — hair loss and thinning hair, common problems for women at any time, but especially during hormonal changes and perimenopause. And learn how the right cut and style can make you look taller, thinner, and younger — in minutes!