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Lauren Chelec Cafritz is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health, mental clarity and joy using the power of breath. She has discovered that harnessing the full potential of the breath empowers us and provides us with emotional and physical healing.

Breathwork has rejuvenated her own life. Many years ago, after her son was born, Lauren woke up unable to move her neck. A friend brought her to his breathworker and she helped Lauren release the tension and pain with specific breathing patterns. Not only did the pain melt away, but she also felt a renewed sense of energy and spiritual connection. This transformational experience launched her on a ten-year study of different breathwork methods and eventually to start a teaching practice so she could share this rejuvenation and joy with others.

Lauren is a practitioner of many schools of breathwork. She continually seeks and studies new methods to deepen her own understanding and practice and to help her clients. Her certifications are in Integrative Breathwork and Transformational Breath®.

Lauren is client-focused, nurturing, and compassionate. She creates a safe, caring, and healing environment to help explore and deepen your breath and improve your health. She believes that practicing a big, full breath will bring you a bigger, fuller life.

Be connected to your strength, vitality, joy and tranquility.

Breathwork is for people who want to relax and benefit from optimum health and peak performance. Breathwork uses conscious breathing—varied rhythm, location, and speed—as a healing tool. Breathwork can be enjoyed by people of all ages—from the very young to the very old—all religious beliefs, lifestyles, and walks of life. You can practice breathwork on your own, with a facilitator, and in a group. Breathwork can help you address physical ailments, tension, and mental and emotional “blockages.” Breathwork can also help you find a deeper spiritual connection.

Conscious breathing increases your breath which enables you to use more of your diaphragm, take bigger, fuller inhales, and draw more oxygen into your body. Conscious breathing enhances your health and can correct numerous health issues, according to well-known doctors such as integrative physician Dr. Andrew Weil.

Breathwork is known to help with:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Increasing vitality
  • Improving sexual health and sensuality
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Improving digestion
  • Increasing lung capacity
  • Oxygenation of cells and tissue
  • Improving liver and kidney health
  • Improving heart health
  • Helping with conception, pregnancy, delivery, and post-pregnancy
  • Preparing for and healing from surgery
  • Helping with addiction prevention and rehabilitation

Practicing deep, full breathing allows you to feel good, open, clear, and confident. You are free and more available to be authentically you.

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Lauren conducts private and group breathing sessions, as well as workshops and training around the U.S. and the world. She holds regular transformational breathwork classes and workshops at the Bethesda, MD Mindfulness Center.