Dawn and Michael McKay of Gravity Pal

Dawn McKay Professional PixMichael McKay Professional PixDawn McKay is Co-Creator of Gravity Pal, maker of low angle inversion tables. Dawn is a licensed massage therapist and certified integrative bodywork therapist. Her therapeutic path began in 1983 as a speech-language therapist where she holds a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Dawn’s therapeutic approach is focused on Self Empowerment and Self Care. No one wants to be dependent on someone else to feel good! She sees herself as part of your wellness team to create responsible Self Care. Dawn is eager to introduce Gravity Pal as a powerful self care tool that, as part of a healthy lifestyle, has many wellness benefits. Read more about Dawn here.

Michael McKay is President and Co-Creator of Gravity Pal. His professional past is steeped in the business world as entrepreneur and retired owner of a financial management company. Michael is a licensed massage therapist and certified integrative bodywork therapist. His expertise in healthcare comes not only from being a therapist, but also from his own journey where he has become a “first person severe pain management expert” over the last 25 years. Gravity Pal was born out of Michael’s own requirements to find Self Care tools that could be used regularly and conveniently that would create cumulative pain relief and overall wellness results. Read more about Michael here.

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Dawn McKay, CZB, LMT, MS-SLP
Michael J. McKay, L.M.T, CZB
Gravity Pal, Inc.
Phone: 641-469-5188
Toll Free: 844-469-5188
Web: http://www.gravitypal.com

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